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“Pianist James Kreiling opened up a whole jeweller's shop when he chose David Matthews's Dionysus Dithyramb to begin his perfectly measured programme. The first of these two pieces inspired by Nietzsche's poetry is a glorious meditation on stillness and rest, the second a wild dislocation of themes as the poet descends into madness. Kreiling, a technically assured and intelligent 22-year-old, displayed a deep appreciation of form and structure in everything he played, nowhere more so than in Giles Easterbrook's clever 25 Piano Variations, a fantastically compressed seven-minute piece, with some variations barely two bars in duration. In such a chewy piece it would be easy for the listener to lose the thread, but Kreiling judged it beautifully, coolly showing us the path through a thicket of notes before closing with a brilliant reading of John Macabe's great arc of sadness and anger, Tenebrae for solo piano.” Stephen Prichard, The Guardian. “James Kreiling, a student pianist from the Guildhall, gave a wonderfully dramatic performance of Harvey’s memorial piece for Olivier Messiaen. He placed the bell-like chords exactly in alignment with their electronic alter-egos coming over the speakers, and built to a thrilling finish, where the chordal procession seemed to plunge over a precipice.” Ivan Hewett, The Telegraph.  "[He]presented David Matthews’s beautiful Two Dionysus Dithyrambs… with passion and perception" Hilary Finch, The Times.  
Photo by Viktor Sugeng